caring for your pieces


Lightly rinse with water or wipe board clean with a damp cloth after use. Dry immediately. Once a month, apply a pea sized amount of food safe mineral oil to the serving board. Use a lint-free cloth to apply the oil in the direction of the wood grain. You may also use Walnut oil, Almond oil, and pure tung oil as alternatives. Do not use olive or vegetable oils. Wipe off excess oil and let your Serving Board dry overnight in upright position. If surface begins to ware from use, lightly sand with 500 grit sand paper, wipe clean with dry cloth and then apply oil to clean surface. Never clean your board in the dishwasher.


Never set wet or hot objects directly onto wood surfaces. Promptly wipe clean any dirt or spills with a dry or slightly damp cloth to reduce ware. Avoid dragging hard surfaces across the top of the wood. Using coasters will help prevent damage to the surface. Do not use solvent-based cleaners. Do not store products in environments with extreme temperatures or humidity.